2-Part Sculpting Demo For Wacom

Check out the written breakdown of the tutorial on Wacom Europe’s website.


Masked Hunter – ZBrush to Photoshop Process


PSD file with layers showing how to comp ZBrush BPR render passes in Photoshop for a quick presentation image.

Get it for FREE on Gumroad.

Space Dude | ZBrush Render Presentation with Photoshop


Steps for a quick presentation artwork of your ZBrush sculpt with BPR Render Passes and Photoshop.


– JPG with step by step overview

– PSD with all the layers and settings

– ZBrush ZLD file for the rim light settings.

Get it for FREE on Gumroad.

Little Viking | Material Breakdown


(Opens in lightbox, so please right-click and download or open in new window)